Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Has More Than One Black Actor This Year

Vanity Fair (VF) has released their annual Hollywood issue to praise because of its (finally) diverse cover consisting of more than two black people.  It’s sad that in 2014, this is still news.  One would think that at this point there are and have been so many talented actors of colour that their addition should no longer be so obvious.


The fact that this magazine is being praised for diversity is appalling; you cannot claim diversity by adding just one ethnicity other than White.  What about Latino, Asian, Native American, and Aboriginal actors?  Why don’t we see the rich tapestry that has become our reality on the cover of this prestigious magazine?  Why does there always have to be more White people than non-whites? 


So there’s more than your standard token that actually made it on the cover, does that mean that race is no longer an issue?  Do they want a gold star?


I often find myself wondering about the context of this content, what are VF and its contemporaries trying to say?  Being Black is suddenly more acceptable now, to a degree, than it has ever been.  Plus, there was that nasty backlash in 2010 where VF had no black actors in the threefold cover at all.  If you go through the log of covers since its incepetion in 1995, not much has changed because colour and the lack of it is still the topic of conversation.  I wonder what will happen next year?


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