‘Homeless’ Man Not So Homeless After All

We’ve all seen people in the streets with signs that say “Homeless, anything helps.” or “Hungry, spare some change?”  

Some of these people are really down on their luck, and some really need the extra cash. Unfortunately, there will always be some people who will take advantage of people’s generosity. 

A YouTuber by the name of Jake Vale did some investigating after his uncle told him he saw a homeless man getting into a nice car after a long day of holding a sign and begging for change. What he found was nothing short of disgusting. This “homeless” man not only got into a Chevrolet, but he drove it all the way to a nice looking house. 

When confronted by Jake, the man initially denied his allegations of being a fake, claiming that he was in his friend’s house and it wasn’t him begging for change. Soon after some more bickering, the man got upset and even pushed Jake while telling him to get off his property!

It’s unfortunate that this man’s face was covered throughout the video because I’m sure that after seeing this, people would stop handing him their hard-earned cash. This man is a low-life and just a horrible human being. He needs to be stopped. I hope someone finds him and exposes his face to the world so that he has to actually get out and get a job like the rest of us, and let the people who really need the help of others get it. 

It’s sad too, because now I’ll wonder every time I hand someone some change if they really need it, or if they’re just playing on people’s emotions to make an easy living.

Photo Credits: CoverSign, Dr. House, Job.

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Written by danayc

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