IXclusive: An interview with OWLLE

OWLLE, the night-loving artist with flaming hair, stole my heart ever since I took a listen to her electro-pop music. After graduating in fine arts, the Parisian “fantasy pop” singer established herself as a trendsetting musician with a one of a kind sound with the release of her first EP, Ticky Ticky. Last week, I got a long distance call from OWLLE herself to chat about her career, inspirations and new projects. 


IX: How is your tour going? Are you planning on doing shows outside of Europe?

OWLLE: I’m mostly focusing on home right now, which is France of course! I’ve done some shows in New York City. I also went to Sao Polo in Brazil, which was so amazing. Italians also love my music a lot, I was really surprised by that. Hopefully I get to do some shows in North American soon! 

IX: Do the crowd react differently outside of France?

OWLLE: It’s very different everywhere! In France, they don’t really relate but the crowd is still great. It’s a different experience everywhere I go which is great. I love it. 

IX: How do you feel about the Grimes comparisons? Do you think it’s mostly because of the similarity in your music or more your looks?

OWLLE: I’m so flattered!! She influenced me a lot in my career. I guess it’s because of our sound as well since we both do electronic music but I can see the style similarity. Our hairstyles are very much alike. 


IX: How was the making of your first album that came out last month? Was it a hard one?

OWLLE: For everyone it seemed like a long time to make this album but for me it was pretty quick. I took my time to write the songs and since I don’t have my experience everything was new to me. It feels great though! 

IX: What were the inspirations for your new music video?

OWLLE: We released a lyric video at first and then worked on the music video. The structure was inspired by the 30’s. I wanted to make a video with a lot of attitude, all in the eyes. There isn’t really a story to the music video and that was the point. It’s closer to the club scene, neon’s and all.

IX: Social media is very important in a musician’s career nowadays. Do you feel comfortable being online and interacting with your fans?

OWLLE: I love promoting! It’s a whole other job to be on social media but it’s another way to present your project. I understand that it’s really important so I do it! It’s great talking with people all around the world. 


IX: You have a really unique style. Do you have a say when it comes to your clothes and hair?

OWLLE: I have a say in mostly everything I wear and I think I will always stay with this style. I choose my own stylist for my videos and whatnot. When it’s more official, on TV, I have people with me who are more experienced in this stuff. Most of the time they are friends so it’s great. 

IX: Thanks so much for calling all the way from Paris! Hopefully we get the chance to have you for a show in North America soon! 

OWLLE: No! Thank you! I hope I’ll get to come soon too! I would love to perform in Canada. 

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Written by sarahisa

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