Lorde at Roseland Ballroom Through a Sea of Mobile Devices

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Lorde perform at the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York. She killed it from start to finish. I left the concert feeling completely and utterly useless compared to this 17-year-old girl who is oh so much cooler than I will ever be. The whole experience would have been a lot better if I hadn’t witnessed it through phone screens though. I did not trek all the way from Williamsburg to Midtown to stare at a multitude of 300 ppi screens. 

By the time “Royals” came around, I couldn’t see a single hair on her head due to the influx of arms up in the air to capture some shitty quality 10 second long video. She even called some people out for not paying attention to anything other than their phones during a break in between songs. In typical New York fashion, everyone just had to make it known that they were in fact at that concert. Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, all of the bases had to be covered. Everyone needs to know. 

While I’m all for a couple pictures to remember the night, there’s absolutely no need to have your phone up in the air for 2 hours recording everything that comes out of her mouth. Your iPhone 5S won’t be able to capture the sound the same way. You won’t be able to relive that moment or that song through your phone. 

So take a picture, post it on Instagram and then put it away and enjoy the music. You spent upwards of 50 bucks to see this girl sing, to watch her perform and do her crazy dance moves. Don’t watch it on a 4 inch screen. There’s no value in that. The value is in remembering how you screamed and danced along to your favourite song, not giving a shit that everyone around you is trying to out-cool the next person. Get excited. Belt out ‘Team’ like there’s no tomorrow. Try and replicate her seizure-esque dance moves. Turn off your bloody phone. 


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