Shark Selfies: Just Don’t

Leave it to today’s teenagers to think up stupid shit to do on a consistent basis. The latest – a gem out of the Down Under – is the dead shark selfie, which prompted a stern warning from Australian marine wildlife experts to all beach friends to just simply not touch the dead beasts. Ummm, duh. 


At least the prime perpetrator, a young girl, was taking her idiosyncratic exploits to the great outdoors, as opposed to being locked down in front of her technological gadgets like the world expects of Gen Y. Yesterday morning, the girl – who has now been identified as Amber Van Kampen– went down to Marcoola Beach along with several others to gawk at a copper shark that had washed up on shore. 

Marcoola resident Chris Atkinson, who took his three sons to check out the shark remarked that the creature still looked very much alive. So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when this young teenage girl decided to get up close and personal and take a couple of pictures with the 10-foot copper. Last time I checked, sharks weren’t typically featured in Sports Illustrated spreads, so who knows where this femme stupide got her genius idea.


The best photo has to be of her straddling the shark as if to show she has conquered it. Has this girl never heard of Bethany Hamilton or watched the movie Soul SurferThat is true triumph over sharks, this…this is just pathetic. 


“I didn’t fully sit on it and I wasn’t squashing it. I’d never do that,” she said after being called out publicly for her actions. 

Right, like not squashing the dead shark is the moral of this story. 


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