This Man Will Paint Whatever You Want on MS Paint and You Wont Believe How Good It Is

Remember Microsoft Word‘s Paint? (Yes, that old program that you spent a lot of time doing nothing productive on)- Well one extremely talented artist on tumblr will “paint” you anything you want…for free…and they look damn good. The series is called “Jim’ll Paint It” and is so impressive you won’t believe these were made on paint. 

Check these amazing “Paint”ings out with the request by random people underneath each one:

Charlie Sheen winning

“Dear Jim, 

Please paint me Charlie Sheen winning. 


Matt Goggins”


Harold Ramis and Ghostbusters


Dear Jim,

As a mark of respect in honour of a true comedy great, how about painting us all a lovely picture of a ghostly and jovial Harold Ramis being pursued by the remaining three Ghostbusters?

Matty, age 25 and 3/4″

Hulk Hogan


Dear Jim,

Please paint me a guinea pig version of Burt Reynolds on a sun lounger being served drinks by Hulk Hogan wearing only the top half of a tuxedo.



Larry David

“I’ve done this here picture of Larry David as a superhero for Crack Magazine competition winner, Sarah. If you want it on your wall, be sure to grab a copy of the latest issue where you’ll find it as an exclusive A3 centrefold poster.

Christian Bale shouting at Ben Affleck

“Christian Bale shouting at Ben Affleck (whom is dressed in a homemade batman outfit) for not screwing in a light bulb correctly. They are on the set of the new batman film where everything is homemade and made mostly using Toilet Tubes and Duct Tape.”

Usher ushering in the new year

“Usher ushering in the new year”

Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People


“Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People”


All images were taken from the amazing, “Jim’ll Paint It” where you can check out over a hundred more and even request your own!  A book will be out later this year featuring 100 of his best paintings.

I don’t know who this “Jim” character is but I like him.

Check out his website here



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