#TBT: Surprising Celebrity Arrests – When Good Stars Go Bad

Celebrities and scandals; they go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Some stars are continuously in headlines for their brushes with the law (Lindsay Lohan, what up girl) but every now and then I get slightly taken aback when TMZ or the like delivers news of you’re not so usually suspects getting hit with the cuffs. Let’s take a look back at the most surprising celebrity arrests between the years 2000 and 2013.

Justin Bieber

Reece Whiterspoon: April 19th 2013- Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

reese witherspoon mugshot

I’m pretty sure if you look through a dictionary for “American Sweetheart” you’ll find Reese Witherspoon’s face. But clearly when you mess with her better half you’ll be met with Reese’s rendition of American Psycho

Chace Crawford: June 10th 2010 – Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

Chace Crawford mugshot

This Gossip Girl star found himself deep in the heart of a prison cell when he got caught with some good ol’ Mary Jane. If only he was on the other side of the border where cops are a bit more lenient.

Martha Stewart: 2004 – Arrested for Insider Trading

Martha Stewart Mugshot

I always thought of Martha Stewart as everybody’s favourite aunt. Turns out she got a bit money hungry and it ended up costing her more than she gained.

Craig Robinson: October 2013- Arrested for Drug Possession

Craig Robinson Mugshot

This one gave me quite a laugh. Funny man Craig Robinson must have felt inspired after reminiscing about his movie Hot Tub Time Machine and decided to bring ALLADA drugs on his vacation in the Bahamas.

Emma Roberts: July 7th 2013- Arrested for Domestic Violence

Emma Roberts

Bite marks in the bedroom can sometimes be a fun thing but unfortunately for Evan Peters, his girlfriend was a little less S&M and a little more Million Dollar Baby when she got heated during an argument in their Montreal hotel suite. I’m just sad the mugshot is unavailable because i’m sure Roberts looked like a crazier version of Overly Attached Girlfriend.

Overly Attached GF

Mel Gibson: July 28th 2006- Arrested for DUI

Mel Gibson Mugshot

This incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to Mel Gibson and his “dislike” towards those of the Jewish faith. Things proceeded to go progressively downhill for Gibson after that.

Winona Ryder: December 12th 2001 – Arrested for Shoplifting

Winona Ryder

The struggle must have been very real back in 2001 for Winona when she was caught stealing 5500$ worth of clothes and accessories in a Saks boutique. 

Shia LaBoeuf: July 2008 – Arrested for DUI

Shia LaBoeuf mugshot

If you claim you weren’t smitten with Shia LaBoeuf when he was starring in Even Stevens, then you’re a straight up liar. This star has been exhibiting quite the particular behavior recently but back in 2008, he was still known as a normal functioning celebrity. Oh how quickly things change. That shine in his eyes kills me.

Misha Barton: December 27th 2007 – Arrested for DUI, Drug Possession and Driving without a License

Misha Barton mugshot

Things took a sharp turn onto Washed Up Blvd. when Misha Barton got killed off from her renowned role on The O.C and was left with no more day job. She said to hell with the DMV and decided to joy ride her time away.

Matthew McConaughey: October 1999 – Arrested for Drug Possession and Playing the Bongos too Loudly

Matthew McConaughey mugshot

This technically happened in another century but I thought I’d share it anyways because it’s just too good. Cops were called to McConaughey’s home because of a neighbor’s complaints. They found the star dancing around naked playing the bongos. I only wish I had been invited to that party.


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