Milky Chance: The German Band You Need To Listen To

There is still hope for the world of music, and it comes in the names of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch, members of German duo Milky Chance. The band’s music is a blend of folk/rock with reggae influences, and the vocals of a sexy dude who may or may not have a potato-on-a-fork stuck in his throat (in a good way). 

Milky chance

Their debut album Sadnecessary is a thing of beauty. All the songs are a perfect blend of sensual vibes with bittersweet/dance-y sounds, that will remind you of pastel sunsets and colorful mushroom trips. 

mushroom trip

Milky Chance

Even though their sound is the most unique part of their music, the lyrics to their songs are also something to pay attention to. They are a blend of poetic rhymes and light-hearted verses that both fuse perfectly to create mellow, yet fun anthems. Two of their most popular songs are “Down by the River” and “Stolen Dance”. 

“Down by the river I was drawn by your grace, into tempest of oblivion and to the Lovers place”


Milky Chance has begun their tour in Europe, and are moving through France, Germany, England and Switzerland; but until they decide to grace the True North with their wild hair, all we can do is listen to their gorgeous alternative tunes and smoke, drink and dance a little (if you’re into that sort of thing).  

Well done, gentlemen!


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