#TBT’s Top 5 Sexiest Milk Moustaches

Got Milk? Got #tbt? Got nostalgia yet? Your instagram feed is probably overflowing with grainy pictures of chubby riddler and their awkward mullet clad parents. What better way to celebrate this #tbt than to look back at the enticing frothy upper lips that convinced to slurp to the bottom of our milk cartons. 

5. Yasmine Bileeth- What sexier than a woman who knows how to prevent osteoporosis and match her swimsuit to her moustache? Nothing. That’s what. 


4. Kim Catrall

What’s underneath? Nothing but big, sexy bone. 

3. Dairy King- Now I know why women used to wait all day for the milkman to arrive. 

Billy Ray Cyrus 

Be still my achey breaker beating heart.

1. Austin Powers – Milk gave him his mojo 

Anyone thirsty?

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