The Rise of the Stoner Girl Movement on Instagram Has Got Us High on Life

Marijuana. Grass. Pot. Maryjane. Ganja. Dope. Cannabis. Herb. Bud. Chronic. Green. Weed.

 The synonyms are endless but the result is the same: getting high. Marijuana consumption has been traced back to the 3rd millennium BCE which can basically be translated to: since the dawn of man.

 (*at this point, I decided to really commit to the craft and write the remainder of the article stoned listening to The Doors. Enjoy.*)

That 70's show

Everyone smokes the reefer: politicians, celebrities, teenagers, adults, grandparents, your boss, my boss, their mom, and also everyone ever in the history of the world. But with all that puff puff pass going around, why don’t we ever see WOMEN smoking?  Why is the Fox Network pretending Jackie and Donna were only getting a contact high? This weird taboo of girls not being able to express their love for the toke is just pure nonsense. We have the right to roll a fattie after a long day if we damn well please. Yet, society and the media are down to make us think otherwise. That’s why within the recent years, women have slowly started uniting and responding to the world: “you cool, man?”

Mia Jovovich

The internet has provided us females a way to show the world we’re well aware of what a bong is; we’ve had one since grade 10. Instagram and Tumblr are perfect examples of platforms some “Stoner Girls” have started using as their voice. Here are a few of the inspiring tockers I’ve stumbled upon:

Instagram: @katieloo86

Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but Katie also regularly posts pics of her laying back and enjoying quality time with Maryjane.

Katie Loo 1

Katie Loo 2

Instagram: @gypsyone

Her tattoos are to die for, she lives in beautiful Hawaii, and model/photographer Jenah Yamamoto makes it no secret 4:20 is her favorite time of day.


gypsyone 2

Instagram : @blackhighness

This chick is a hard core fan of the leaf. Her whole account is dedicated to pot smoking and I appreciate her representing the community of black girl stoners. Rock it, girl.


blackhighness 2

Tumblr: shesmokesjoints

Another very commited consumer of green, this blue haired cutie even takes time to answer questions from followers and uploads videos of smoking tricks!

shesmokesjoints 1

shesmokesjoints 2

Tumblr: andthesorcerersstoned

Her account’s name KICKS ASS, and Liz is also a fan of Bob’s Burgers. How can you not love her?!

andthesorcerersstoned 1

andthesorcerersstoned 2

Tumblr: ladyhightimes

This lil’ lady not only posts about blunts but also cool, psychedelic pictures for you to look at AFTER you get baked. Thanks for the thoughtful consideration Chevelle, I owe you one.

ladyhightimes 1

ladyhightimes 2

Hopefully within the coming years more girls will start opening up and not be afraid to raise their hand when someone asks who wants a hit. The cloud of judgment is finally starting to dissipate and it’s now more than ever that everyone needs to come together, women and men, to let live and let smoke! 


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