KFC Turns Away Young Girl Because Her Face Was Scaring Customers

Three year old Victoria Wilcher was turned away from a KFC restaurant where it was claimed that her face was scaring customers. After being attacked by 3 pit bulls, young Victoria sustained injuries that broke her nose, both jaws and cheekbones. Due to the attack, Victoria now has the whole right side of her face paralyzed, she is left without a right eye, and now has to be fed by a feeding tube.  Although she has had surgeries to reconstruct her jaw, Victoria still awaits more once the bones in her face have grown more. 

On their way back from a doctor’s appointment, Victoria and her Grandmother, stopped at the KFC in Mississippi. Knowing that Victoria could not eat solid food, her Grandmother planned to order her granddaughter mashed potatoes. Once at the counter, they were asked to leave because Victoria’s face was apparently disrupting customers. All the way home Victoria cried, greatly embarrassed by her appearance.  

Apparently, there has been a significant change in how Victoria views herself. She does not want to leave the car when she goes out, and even avoids mirrors at all costs. It is sad that such a young girl has to learn the hardships of aesthetics in our world. 

KFC has decided to address this issue by investigating the specific restaurant where this occurred, and also decided to donate $30,000 for future surgeries. 

Photo Credit: Feature Image by Youtube, Post Surgery Photo by Wapt, Post Attack Photo by News, Pre Attack Photo by News

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