Klaxons: 3D Printed Instruments, the New Black?

The English natives, Klaxons, will embark on their UK tour using the first ever 3D printed instruments.They will tour in support of their third album, Love Frequency, which dropped on June 16. The Klaxons released a video giving fans an inside look at the process of making their 3D printed instruments.


3D printing seems to be all the rage right now making its way into the fashion, medical, and even food industry. So why not instruments! Jamie Reynolds of the band says:

“We’re going to do something nobody has ever done before. Something big, something fresh. Why not?”


Klaxons have already released music videos for “There is No Other Time’ and “Show Me a Miracle” which you should definitely check out below. Will 3D printed instruments be the music norm in the future?


                                                                                                                                      PC: Blitzgigs, Facebook

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