IX Podcast 11: UV boi فوق بنفسجي (download)

UV boi came on our radar while surfing our Soundcloud stream a couple of months ago. Emmanuel John, an 18 year old Sudanese boy from Brisbane, Australia is behind this brand new musical phenomenon known as UV boi. The name stands for Ultra-Violet, something you hear quite often in the tags that cover his tracks. It was created out of spite during a conversation between him and Tomas Appleby, a photographer friend of his who took all the photos featured on his Soundcloud

His organic growth within the underground music scene is quickly evolving, and it does not surprise us one bit. Making music came about when he started playing around in Windows XP’s movie maker, just chopping up songs, making mash-ups and mixtapes for fun.  His based style can be described as mellow yet heavy hitting 808 music. Having listened to a diverse range of genres since getting into music, his style covers R&B, Hip Hop, Techno, Hardstyle, Trap, Jersey Club and everything related to the new wave of un-classified sub-genres. 

This 60min set definitely takes us to some URL emotional realm. When we asked him to take us through his process of making this Podcast for IX Daily, here’s what he had to say: 

I tried to fill the spectrum with the music I like. Starting off with a hip hop drum break followed by a remix of a G-Unit track by Cooking Soul. Gradually it begins to move towards of a electronic selection with tracks from Subsurge and Silkersoft. You’ll catch an unreleased UV demo track in the mix too. The mix then drips into the Swedish music scene with music from the Sadboys, the Gravity Boys and collaborative track with me and Swedish producer GRXGVR. Finally concluding with collaborative tracks with my good pal DEER from Melbourne, Australia and my vocalist friend Fionn Richards. 


IX Podcast 11: UV boi فوق بنفسجي Strapped In the Durags by Ix Daily on Mixcloud


We got the chance to ask UV boi a couple of questions to get more insight on who he is (below). The 11th edition of the IX Podcast is now available via iTunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Do not sleep on this one. Tracklist after the jump! 

IX: Who is UV boi
UV boi is a young 18 year old durag and squatting enthusiast for Brisbane. 

IX: When did you start making music?

I began making music around late 2012.

IX: Did you have any musical background before getting into producing?

No i hadn’t had any musical background before finding producing. 

IX: What artists have had an influence on your music?

Hmm, the major influence would have to come from Chromo Sparks. The rest is from interest in MF DOOM and his productions and Wu-Tang’s producer and member The RZA.

IX: What are the type of people that you imagine listen to your music? 

People that wear durags and squat 23 hours a day.

IX: What is the big plan for the next year?

Hopefully have my debut EP ready for release and perhaps a lil tour to greet and meet all my cool supporters on earth. But other than that just relaxing, strapped in my durag….. squattin.

G-Unit – Stunt 101 (Cookin Soul Remix) 
Eli Marsland – Bring Some Love
MF DOOM – Doom Vomit (Toonorth Remix)
Rich Boy & Kuma – Throw Some D’s (Froobskank Jukix)
Seekae – Borg
Big L – Put It On (Cookin Soul Remix)
Seablaze – Gimme Cat
UV boi – NorthFace
Fat Joe – Make It Rain (Remix Ft. R-Kelly, Lil Wayne, Birdman, T.I. Rick Ross and Ace Mac)
Rick Ross – I’m Not A Star
Waka Flacka Flame – Hard In The Paint (Ft. Ciara Remix)
Subsurge – The Night VIP 
Silkersoft – Wasserlevel
Yung Lean – King Of The Darkness (UV boi Edit)
UV boi – Unreleased 
Yung Lean – Oreomilkshake (Prod. Yung Gud)
UV boi + GRXGVR – ghost
Tajan x fwdslxsh – Beautiful 
Bladee – Everlasting Flames (Ft. Thaiboy Digital) (Prod. Bine)
DEER x UV boi – MoneyWeed (Laced W/ Extra Kush)
UV boi – Thank U (Ft. Fionn Richards)

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