Rap Queen Beef : the Never-ending Drama Between Female Rappers Needs To Stop

I was having a discussion with my girl, Ginger (yes, that’s her real name) about why all these female rappers seem to think it’s necessary to hate on each other every waking minute of their life.

Her response was that it’s all about “maintaining the title”. So naturally, i’m sitting here thinking to myself, “what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”. I’m about 27% latina, 32% Italian but i’m also about 150% white girl so if you do the math (I don’t have a calculator right now, but if you do- then you know what I mean). So that’s when i decide to delve a little bit further into what the big fucking deal is.


Respect to the likes of Lil’ Kim (RIP what her face use to look like 🙁 ), Foxy Brown and any other hip hop/R&B pioneer that paved the way for the little holettes in the rap game today. I feel like anytime Nicki Minaj breathes Lil’ Kim has to chime in like mother fucking Botox Scrooge on Christmas Eve.

lil' kim

So I’m here thinking: Bitch sit down. Did you take your Pepto this morning? because you probably have gas and you would feel much better if you take some Pepto, burp about 1 or 63 times, then have a nap. You taught me many, MANY dirty words when I was 7- and for that I am forever greatful. However, your opinion is not relevant, similar to your career which ended about 10 years ago. Lady Marmalade doesn’t count because you know everyone fast-forwards through your part to get to Christina’s mental vocal range.

nicki shade

Iggy Azalea was created for white girls who are attracted to black men but are too afraid to tell their fathers” – Me

I tried to like Iggy, but no. Neither does any of her peers.

I get it though, she’s white, she’s stunningly gorgeous and her ass doesn’t even make sense. Its like the real-life Save the Last Dance but Iggy can’t dance. Despite popular belief: twerking is NOT dancing.

iggy dance

Then there’s the other Azealia, Azealia Banks. The pyromaniac, arsonist running around the internet burning all her bridges. I like her music though, more so than any of the latest additions to the female rap spectrum. I’d like her better if she would lose her hands so as to not allow her to tweet for an extended period of time. That’s all I ask. Just misplace them and find them 3 months later in a drawer somewhere and think to herself “OH that’s where I left them!!”.


What this looks like is a bunch of alpha-females who are all jealous/threatened by one another. I feel like I speak on behalf of most balanced, reasonable women when i say:

Stop ruining this for us. Your extremely public display of animosity is not only hurting your reputation, it is hurting all the hard work we’ve done in trying to convince people that we aren’t a bunch of hysterical psychopaths. It’s bad enough they know we have periods. We are not all Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


So maybe be nice to each other a little bit? Collaborate, perhaps? And if you’re going to throw shade at anyone, please change the angle of your umbrella directing said shade towards Taylor Swift.


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