‘Anti-Feminists’ Are Just Embarrassed They Don’t Know How to Be Women

I’ve been particularly interested in Anti-Feminists lately and watched a thought provoking profile piece by VICE on the women activists within then Men’s Rights Movement. Broadly speaking the Men’s  Rights Movement (MRM) is a countermovement to Feminism. Mens Rights activists see men as an oppressed group and believe that society has been ‘feminized’ by the Feminist movement.

 (1)  Bish please, if you have the time to pose for a picture with a sign about how you’re ‘against Feminism’  you clearly have a need to feel ‘equal’, so don’t be trying to humble brag 

As a self proclaimed ‘feminist’ I was surprised to find myself agreeing with some of what was said by these ‘Anti-Feminists’. Like them, I believe that men have been sorely misrepresented in our culture and suffer a lot of confusion about their roles as men in society. The over saturation of hardcore pornography on the internet, for example, could understandably cause anxiety in men who (unfortunately) believe that sex is only about pubic free genitals and ejaculating on women’s faces. 

However, the aggressive stance posed by a lot of these ‘Anti Feminists’ actually undermine the efforts of their work. The attention they generate is nothing but another form of bullshit click bating over social media (OMGGG Women who don’t hate their bodies but hate the very ‘essence’ of their perceived ‘selves’…SO RADICAL!!) .Their credibility wears thin when they overtly deny their femininity in favour of throwing around inane suggestions like picking a wife based on whether or not she cares if you’re hungry. From what I gather, ‘Anti-Feminists’ seem to think that lampooning any perceived ‘feminist’ behaviour and referring to the majority of their own gender as ‘sluts’ and ‘dumb bitches’ somehow circumvents the supposed ‘privileged bullshit’ that Feminism perpetrates  


(2) OMGGG Janet ur SUCH a #JudgyBitch LOLLOLOL

It’s naive to deny that there isn’t an ‘ugly’ side to current Feminist discourse. Unfortunately women have equally been conditioned to be assholes and probably also like to blame their bad behaviour on ‘The Patriarchy’ rather than take accountably for their actions. I know that many women of my generation are at times incredibly disgraceful and cruel human beings (myself included) often using sex and beauty to get their own way or preying on a mans (often sexual) insecurities to gain an ‘upper hand’. And yes, men have had to ‘endure’ all the #GirlPower #IamSaschaFierce #SlutWalk ‘propaganda’ over the years but seriously now, an eye for an eye never did much. REM were on some next level shit when they said Everybody Hurts. And that means everyone, regardless of gender, race, creed or sexual orientation.

Feminist Disney

(3) I feel you Snow White. I feel you.

What would be more constructive is actual discourse. You know, like actual talking. Talking that didn’t involve ego driven statements and embarrassing dependence on validation. Talking that involves maturity, empathy and patience for your fellow man/woman. Less insistence on trying to push muddy outdated ideologies of ‘gender roles’ and ‘gender equality’ and more understanding and acceptance that we, as humans deep down want the same acknowledgement that we are loved and that we matter.

But lets be real here –  if we all got along ‘Angry Feminazi’s’ like myself wouldn’t have a day job now would we?


via VICE


A Voice For Men 
Judgy Bitch
Women Against Feminism




Images courtesy of (1) Women Against Feminism, (2) Twitter, (3) Feminist Disney

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