Ryan Hemsworth Drops New Track ‘Snow In Newark’ Before Going on Tour

Producer and DJ all star Ryan Hemsworth drops a new song that encompasses being on tour and all the feels that go with it.  The song titled “Snow In Newwark”, featuring vocalist Dawn Golden is a new feeling for Hemsworth, and a new way of expressing his current vibes. Going from the calmness of being alone, to the ecstatic ora of being on stage, and feeling uncomfortable while trying to feel at home. 

Hemsworth on stage

“This song is special to me,” Hemsworth said. “I’m trying things at a different pace; fighting with expectations and conventional formulas. It’s been a weird time for me, so ‘Snow In Newark‘ and the rest of this album are my personal reactions to the current state of electronic and rock music. “Snow In Newark” and most of his past ones truly highlights his love affair with samples and drum loops (that Tinashe-Boss remix tho).

There is a recognizable kind of melody that Hemsworth carries throughout his songs that you can never get tired of. It’s his signature, and he re-works it every time in a way that makes all his work so admirable and easy to listen to, and make you feel all kinds of ways.

Ryan Hemsworth

Along side all the great beats Hemsworth has made and the success of his debut album Guilt Trips, he has launched a new outlet, a new way to share music and become aware of all those songs you should know about.  Secret Songs is described as two things: discovery and inclusion. A place to go and find music that you wouldn’t find otherwise from artists not as well known.  New York Times says the project has “started its own service.”

Check out where Hemsworth will performing next, and also get a feel of his new song. 

 Tour Dates

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