5 Essential Tips For Speaking English

5. Don’t say the word literally whenever you feel like it
There are rules y’know? Rules that must be followed. For example, the sentence – “Last night was crazy, I literally died” is just simply unacceptable. You didn’t die and therefore it wasn’t don’t frickin say it?! Capiche?! Next rule. 

4. Acronyms need not be said out loud…ever. 
Zero. Not one. WTF, LMAO, BRB, GTFO, and so on are all abbreviations that should never be said with your mouth. And for goodness sake, whatever you do….don’t dare get caught saying LOL in the presence of anyone you know. It’s hideous. 

3. The never ending use of the word “LIKE”
We all know this one. Just stop. There’s no need for you to be saying the word like more than once in any sentence you use, quite frankly maybe just cut it from your vocabulary. Unless you’re a confident valley girl, using the word like only sounds immature and unprofessional. So use it wisely. 

2.The Pity Game
Whenever anyone is swamped, busy, tired etc. we tend to get in this habit of competing with one another for pity. For example,
Person A: “Man, I have so much homework this week, and I’m sick…AND I have to work all week.”
Person B: “Yeah well I have as much homework as you, plus the night classes I’m taking, and I have driving school this weekend along with work ALL week. And I think you got me sick”
These little pity wars can last forever. It’s as if we’re literally competing for the title of “Worse Life”. This cycle is horrendously annoying, don’t seek pity from others, it’s weak!

1. No offense…but offense.
The phrase “No offense” is strictly an introduction to an offensive comment. Whenever used, the sentence followed is always hurtful, even if it’s a blatant/honest statement. For example, “You shouldn’t wear that tie tonight” – the sentence is straight-forward. However, add no offense in front of it – “No offense, but you shouldn’t wear that tie tonight” and automatically the sentence comes across more offensive. No offense is literally a spoken paradox. Refrain from saying it…because it hurts 🙁 


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