Why You Should Go See Mr. Oizo in Montréal Tonight

Tonight, Montréal and the Société des Arts Technologiques are welcoming yet another DJ. However, he is not really what you’d call the typical DJ (aka young, producer of fresh “summer” beats, saxophone here and there).

You see, Mr. Oizo goes a long way back. The French DJ (real name: Quentin Dupieux), gained fame in the electronic underground world with his first hit, “Flat Beat”, sold no less than 3 million copies around the world. This first single also introduced Mr Oizo‘s mascot, Flat Eric, a badass yellow doll that was also regularly featured in Levi’s Jeans ads back in the late 1990’s.

Signing later with French label Ed Banger Records (home of Justice, the late DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn…), Mr. Oizo‘s music was something of an experience. Producing lo-fi beats, Dupieux created and developed a weird and fascinating music style that is easily addictive. Just listen to one of his best songs to date, “Positif”, and you’ll understand why Mr. Oizo‘s music is one of a kind. His most recent EP, Amicalement, even features Marilyn Manson. Wait what?

Also a director, Quentin Dupieux‘s movies are stylistically unique and unclassifiable. Rubber, for example, is about a car tyre that is on a murder rampage. Yes, you read well. Steak is set in a near-future world where it is cool to get facial implants and drink milk. Watch those movies, you won’t regret it.

Seeing Mr. Oizo‘s DJ Set at the SAT tomorrow isn’t something you want to miss. If you don’t know the personality and style of the Frenchman, you might be a bit surprised, but you will progressively fall in love with these raw and dirty beats and sounds that’ll surely make you feel like a badass the whole weekend. Here’s an essential playlist of Mr. Oizo‘s best tracks: 

There are tickets left in Montréal stores Cheap Thrills, Atom Heart, Off The Hook and Moog Audio. Act fast (even if you’ll probably find some in front of the SAT anyways)!

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Written by Jules

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