4 Dumb Arguments Men Have Against 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Harassment nonprofit Hollaback! took to the streets of New York with a hidden camera to follow this woman walking around in busy streets. What we get to see is the amount of verbal harassment and catcalling she had to endure during that period of time. Unfortunately this is just a mere example compared to the actual amount of verbal harassment a girl, or someone who is part of the LGBTQ community endures on a daily basis.  

We can all agree that it’s uncomfortable (for anyone) to be eyeballed in a public place while trying to go about your day. No one is willing to go through that annoyance, but a lot of people still don’t get that it’s annoying in the first place. Here are a couple of arguments that have been popping up a lot in the comment sections of various articles, facebook statuses, as well as the video itself, that just fuels the fire and shows how much work needs to be done for this type of stuff to end: 

“I don’t get how ‘Have a Nice Day’ would be considered verbal harassment” ?

How many girls do you say ‘Have a Nice Evening’ to on a daily basis when you aren’t even engaged in a conversation with them in the first place? Okay, so, flip the script, would you say that to someone of the same sex as you? That’s what I thought. Don’t make it a thing of ‘being polite’ when the intention was not to be polite in the first place, but instead, putting the other person in a vulnerable position by showing them you have control over them. That’s how women feel when this type of shit happen, there’s no surprise about that. Don’t be a fool and try to find an excuse to validate these dumbfuckeries. 

“Okay, so 2 guys were bad for following her and pushing it, but the rest were decent, and polite…?” 

Do you live in the first scene of Beauty and the Beast? Who in their right mind would be patient enough to be able to hold off from smacking a bitch up for annoying them from than 10 times a day with different types of whistles, winks, hellos and any other type of verbal harassment? Whether it’s a simple ‘Hello’, ‘You’re Beautiful”, or “Have a Nice Day”, you know that no one in their right mind would just say that just to be nice. Unless you are asking for directions, or for some change, there is absolutely no real reason for you to holler at a chick like that. Would you let you sister or girlfriend be talked to in that way? Didn’t think so. 

“If she was wearing something more covering than those tight clothes, she wouldn’t get all of that attention” 

Wait, what? Hold up. Who the fuck died and made you the fashion police? Since when is ANYONE entitled to say that a girl is seeking attention by what she is wearing? I get it, if she was wearing a chicken suit, or if she was completely butt naked, that would be a different story, and people would probably think she was crazy for doing so… but shit, the girl was simply wearing a black shirt and leggings. Whether they were tight or not, doesn’t matter. Let’s get something straight, re-read yourself before getting on some dumb shit like that. 

“She was in the busiest streets of NYC. If you go to Morocco, France, or any busy city, you’ll get the same reaction anyways”

Okay, so what kind of point are you trying to make with that? I think it’s obvious that people have a sense of delusion when it comes to separating chivalry from verbal harassment. Whether you’re in Alaska or Timbuktu, these men should grow up and get some manners. Do you really think a girl is going to stop, turn around and jump you if you were to catcall her in any way shape of form? I mean, come on. 

This person in the Youtube comment section of the video said it best: “Some don’t seem to understand that it’s not every comment taken separately that is harassment, it’s the accumulating effect, having to go through that every day, every hour. Feeling the eyes on you, feeling like a prey. Yes, it’s annoying, women are not necessarily in the public space to “find a mate”,  they are just using it to go from point A to point B, and want to be able to do that without people checking them and throwing random “hey sexy” and “dayum”.”

The problem relies in the way society was formed, with the ‘help’ of the entertainment industry, they have painted a completely fucked up picture of how people should behave in public (amongst other things). Through movies, TV series, music, and other means, we’ve been programmed to act and react in a way where victimizing girls is an okay thing to do. No one deserves to be put down for the way they dress, walk, talk, or even look like. Why does not one get that? 

Now, obviously this video paints a picture that probably does not represent the majority of men out there, okay I’ll give you that. But shit, how else do you want women to say ‘enough is enough’?? It is clear that these individuals targeted in the video are uneducated, and probably rarely even get laid in the first place. However, instead of complaining about the accuracy of the video by pointing out rhetorical facts (that make you sound dumber than you are), you should take a stand with these women. Show them that we support them, and we are here to protect them so we can all stop this He vs She business. Honestly, there is no point in arguing when someone tells you they are annoyed, or unhappy about something. We all know that arguing will lead us nowhere and that finding a solution is the best way to go about anything in life. 

Hollaback! has got a mission for everyone’s who’s been victimized in such instances. Their mission is to give you the chance to change the power dynamic by flipping the lens off of you and onto the harasser.  Alongside many different ways they’d like to kill the fire on this backwards way of thinking, they want to make sure that anyone can enter a worldwide community of people who’ve got your back. If you are so confused as to why they are asking for donations or need your help, you can take the time to read more and decide how you’d like to contribute to end this bullshit. 

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