Have the Worst Christmas Ever with Grumpy Cat’s New Lifetime Movie

Want to jumpstart the Holiday season? On November 29th, all those with access to Lifetime can do just that with the internet’s favourite pissed-off feline and meme, Grumpy CatI personally do not care.

I don't care

Why would anyone spend tons of money making a movie on Grumpy Cat? And why would anyone waste their time watching it? Then again, many people of this generation do dedicate a great chunk of their lives to watching videos of cats, laughing at memes and endlessly scrolling through their Facebook feed. So why the hell not.


I just thought we were over Grumpy Cat. I thought she was a thing of the past, and just like her, we simply no longer cared. I guess not. I guess it’s easy these days to bring something back from the dead and make mad cash on it (*cough cough* new Michael Jackson singles).

 new hit track from deceased michael jackson?


Now, not only is Grumpy back, but she actually talks. She has a voice. One that does not match the one that rings in my mind each time I scroll past a meme (no offence, voice-actress). As I’m ready to throw this movie into the category of flicks that never should have been made, I also wonder if this film was Grumpy Cat approved. If Grumpy is as pissed-off as the internet claims her to be, then probably not. Nobody ever listens to their cats (and if they did, they would rule the world).

noooo christmas movies please

On the bright side, this movie is technically free. It’s another made-for-tv flick after all. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that this doesn’t hit theatres. If that does come to pass though, you can bet we’ll be having the worst christmas ever. Thanks for all the joy, Grumpy.

bah humbug

If you actually do want to watch the movie, it airs on Saturday, November 29 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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