Featherface Premiere New Indie Rock Ballad “Make U Mine”

Everything about Featherface, who recently released their new track “Make U Mine” with Culture Collide, reminds me of that scene in Freaks & Geeks at the high school dance when Sam Weir finally gets the nerve to ask cheerleader Cindy to dance with him only to realize that Styx’s “Come Sail Away” is not the slow jam he’d hoped for.

 Sam Weir from Freaks & Geeks at the School Dance

From their lusciously long locks to the purple paisley shirts to the swoon-worthy lyrics and that early 90s guitar that makes you want to awkwardly slowly get down with your fist in the air, this old-school indie rock quartet is absolutely reviving a pop-rock vibe that’s only too welcome at the moment.

Featherface Band

The band has played several major festivals (including a recent stint at CMJ Music Festival, X Games Austin and SXSW 2014) and garnered some serious buzz when they were chosen at SXSW 2013 to take part in Converse’s recording program and subsequently won “Track of the Week” with their last release “Ourselves Together”. 

There’s a soft, smooth and super romantic sound to the band in both tracks “Make U Mine”  and “Ourselves Together”, but they so easily avoid that overly schmaltzy sound that can come with the genre.

But I promise you, when you think of music as being an entire lifestyle, you have to think of these guys. And of course, I can’t help but love that they come from a place close to the heart, Texas. Though they may not hail from the same city, you can’t help but hear a little Spoon-like twang in these guys.


If you’re in the Houston area, check these guys out on their last tour date or connect with them before you see them guest-starring on the next girl-sleuth major TV show (if you don’t get this reference, we have a problem):

Facebook | Twitter | Featherface Website | Soundcloud | Instagram | Youtube


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