Get Salty with Long Beach-Based Rapper Boogie

At the beginning of “Bitter Raps”, track two off his mixtape Thirst 48, Long Beach-based rapper Boogie points out that “it’s a thin line between opinions and bitterness”. What follows is basically equivalent to telling someone “no offense” and then immediately putting them on blast. “I hate when n****s get to flexin’ just to show off for some ratchets” or “I hate how every LA rapper tries to make a song like YG” are examples of Boogie’s gripes; maybe it’s because he’s a dad but he’s definitely good at noticing and then highlighting the stupid, meaningless shit we spend our time pursuing. A lot of his subject matter is based around being annoyed by thirsty bitches, guys showing off, and everyone doing everything for likes and the impressions they generate, all of which are insightful and salient points about that real world/internet world point of intersection, i.e. living ca. 2014. 

Download Thirst 48 in its entirety here and let dude express all your annoyances more articulately than you or I ever could over lots of really strong production. 





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