Rich Aucoin Wants You To Believe In His Latest Music Video

I identify Rich Aucoin with two things: a highly entertaining live set and ridiculously cinematic music videos. The Halifax native yet again serves us both with his latest music video for “Want To Believe”. 

Rich Aucoin - "Want To Believe"

 “Want To Believe” comes off of this year’s sophomore release, Ephemera. Aucoin teams up with Jason Eisener to create his own kid adventure narrative that pays homage to films from his formative years like The Monster Squad and The Goonies.

Rich Aucoin - "Want To Believe"

The music video follows Aucoin as “Detective Wolfe,” a rundown non-believer inspired by a group of BMX-riding rebels. Exploring the unknown, the unnatural and the paranormal, the three minute video is filled with nostalgic imagery of adventure films from the late eighties.

Rich Aucoin - "Want To Believe"

I enjoyed this mini blockbuster and relived some nostalgic scenes from my favourite childhood films, that’s for sure. 

Rich Aucoin | Want To Believe | Ephemeral 2014
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