Reporter Wears Same Suit For A Year For The Ladies

As a lady, it’s normal to be judged for things like not wearing make-up, even though having a bare face shouldn’t bother anyone. Not a lot of people will say “Go slather on some concealer, you bridge troll!” but the disappointment with your imperfect complexion and bags under your eyes will get you responses of false concern: “Is everything okay? You look tired”. Want to know why I look tired? BECAUSE I AM.

Middle Finger

That’s just regular life. Imagine being in the public eye. Celebrities get put under the microscope for every little thing. If their body doesn’t look beach-worthy, then their cellulite-rippled ass will be on the cover of Star. The criticism is expected, because a lot of people believe being attractive is part of a celebrity’s job. But what if you’re a public figure with a job description that’s more complicated than “poses for pictures”? I will pull a random example out of the air and say: reporters. These are professionals who wish to be taken seriously for delivering news and opinion to their viewers. You should be paying attention to their warning of the on-coming apocalypse, not grumbling about their cankles.

Alas, the world is a cruel and stupid place. Many female reporters have noticed they’ve gotten a lot of criticism based on the fact that they’re not as hot as we’d like them to be. People send them messages asking for them to make-over their hair or style.  Apparently these female reporters missed the runway portion of their journalism degree. Some viewers even comment on the women gaining weight or being heavy in general, because you can’t understand the weather when a fat person describes it.

Lisa Wilkinson

Does this happen to male reporters? Do people go out of their way to point out that their clothes, hair or body just aren’t good enough? Would the amateur fashion police sound the alarms if they dared to have an outfit that was anything but fierce? The Australian reporter Karl Stefanovic put this to the test. Stefanovic noticed that his female coworkers were regularly criticized for their appearance and clothing. You can watch his co-host Lisa Wilkinson smack down some of those shallow viewers during an Andrew Olle Lecture.


To prove the point that women are put under more scrutiny than their male co-workers, Stefanovic wore a blue suit two days in a row. He continued wearing it every day, waiting for viewers to point out his fashion faux-pas. He wore the same blue suit for a whole year without comment. “No one has noticed,” he said. “No one gives a shit. But women, they wear the wrong colour and they get pulled up.”

I gotta give the man props. He wore the same thing every day and endured the stench of an unwashed suit to point out the sexist treatment and expectations of women. He understands that he has the privilege of being judged by his work instead of the fact that his haircut might not suit the shape of his face. Stefanovic put a lot of time to show what a lot of us ladies have already experienced. What a kind, smelly man.

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