Online Dating: Is Modern Technology Turning Us Into Assholes?

“Left or right?”

This age old question that was commonly used to ask for directions is now an inquiry on whether the digitally rendered image of some random chick on your screen is hot enough for you to be vaguely interested. What the hell am I talking about? Log off your Tinder session and stop pretending you don’t know what Tinder is. Thank you; let’s proceed.

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It used to be that there were rules about these things. Fathers were asked permission, curfews were given, chaperons designated; Jesus, people didn’t even hold hands until the 3rd date. Dating in today’s society however? Lets have a few examples, shall we?





Now that we’ve established that chivalry is dead, let’s talk about the bigger picture. Modern technology has turned our society into one that lives fast and thinks little. We are constantly craving new things, new places, new people. It’s caused us to always look for the next big thing while conveniently disposing of the last “next big thing” with no regard. The only issue there is that people have become disposable too.

Social media makes us over value cyber relationships to the point where we think it’s enough to get by. The idea of someone is much more fun, much more exciting than actually meeting them. And once we do meet them, it was great to do so but now you’re gonna go meet (or not meet) someone else. What the fuck happened to real connections, substance within conversations and bonds created face to face? Has reality become so miserable we’re forcing ourselves to live within the gadget embedded to the palm of our hands?

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Another issue with online dating is that it makes us lose touch with the beauty of monogamy. At least to some degree, you got to admit it. Knowing options #2, #3, and even #4 exist out there is enough to keep ourselves “available”. “Why the labels? We’re too young for that. What if I get bored? What if they get bored and I have no Plan B?” Or hey have you ever thought “What if I just gave love a fucking chance and tried to build experiences with this person who could very well be the one for me? “ No? Get back to me on that.

The next time you want to go back on the online prowl because you’re bored (or thirsty), remember if it’s worth it. If you are indeed just looking for a ONS, then by all means proceed (you filthy animal, you); but if the ghost in your room that you always thought didn’t approve of you knocking boots is banging on your door again then maybe you should stop while you’re ahead. Get out into the world and see who you can bump into instead!

Do you agree? Do you think I’m completely delusional? Do you like how I ingeniously incorporated Arctic Monkeys lyrics in my article? Let me know below!

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