Co-Founder, DJ Eliazar of Speakeasy Montreal, and his Successes in Electro-Swing Dance Music

If you are looking for music that combines the sultry vibes of 1930s swing with the edgy modern electronic feel, D.J Eliazar is your man. This musical mastermind has rocked the Canadian scene for over 20 years, and created a movement in Montreal called Speakeasy that spread to other cities across North America like wildfire. As DJ Eliazar explains: 

“I started the one in Montreal and the rest grew out if there. The events worldwide came through people we know in other cities wanting to start electro swing events and getting in touch. We give them promo, support, help with music, images etc. so in terms of the brand I did start it all, but Don Mescal and Khalil were doing shows with me after the first 6 months, and they really only started growing once we were a team.”

Speakeasy is a monthly electro-swing event that started in Montreal in 2010 and has progressed to other cities as well, including San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. As D.J Eliazar proclaimed, “it is gypsy madness!”. Speakeasy is launching an electro-swing night in 3 major Chinese cities in the next year as well, including Chongqing, one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

DJ Eliazar started Speakeasy solo but was soon joined by Don Mescal and Khalil, and the trio popularized the event to the extent that Speakeasy is sold out every month in Montreal. Speakeasy was forced to move venues from the amazing albeit small Salla Rosa to a larger but well known location at Caberet Lion d’Or because of its success. Don Mescal enthusiastically described,

It has been four years doing the event, it is always a beautiful night, a celebration with energy all around.

Don Mescal, co-founder of Speakeasy and currently running the event. By Kaeleigh Phillips

Upon entering the Caberet, one becomes transported to another era, the 1930s movement in full swing complete with fedoras and flapper dresses galore. Beautiful burlesque dancers, including the amazing Miss Josephine, entertain the crowd with hints of their elegant sexuality. Many of the ladies in burlesque sport nothing but tassles on their breasts. D.J Eliazar reported that,

There was no burlesque initially but everyone loves boobies. 

If that isn’t enough to convince anyone to enter this amazing time warp, there is a full-blown swing band that starts the show followed by D.Js such as D.J Eliazar that have managed to respectfully combine an ageless swing beat with the new modern womp of the electronic generation.

The Royal Pickles Swing Band. By Kaeleigh Phillips

DJ Eliazar, originally hailing from Chicago, has been playing for over 20 years and is passionate about his music. He relayed to me, “I think this is fucking fun and I live for it.” Eliazar currently lives near Vancouver Island and supports his music with his job designing sound for games&film. Eliazar returns to Montreal periodically to play at the Electro-swing events and link up with the Speakeasy co-founders. He plans to play gigs in Europe this summer with fellow D.J Dunglebunt, one of the greatest D.Js in electro-swing according to the incredibly humble D.J Eliazar.

Mastermind D.J Eliazar changing lives through sound. By Kaeleigh Phillips

I can honestly say that Eliazar founded one of the most incredible and open music events I have ever attended. The electro-swing in Montreal is an event that cannot be missed and Eliazar is a star for his incredible contributions to the electronic music scene. 

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Written by Kaeleigh

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