Looking Back: 9 Reasons Why 2014 Was the Year of Taylor Swift

As we reflect on all of the wonderful things that occurred over the course of the last 12 months it’s difficult to ignore that one of the most wonderful of all those things is Taylor Swift. Though I shudder to use the term, I have to admit that she did in fact “slay” the year 2014. The haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate will disagree, but I beg you to take a step back and realize that this women is harder, better, faster, and stronger than any other band or artist that continued, emerged, or excelled this year, By September of 2014, only two months after the pop star completed the last leg of The Red Tour Rolling Stone magazine released an interview that would change the game for the young pop star and ultimately place her front and center for the remainder of the year.

To support that theory fact, here are are nine reasons why 2014 was the year of Taylor Swift. These are in no particular order because they are all too awesome to rank. 

9. Shake It Off

She informed the world early on that she was changing over to a pop sound during the development of 1989. However, no one was really prepared for the insanity that would ensue after the release of the music video for “Shake It Off”. The song and video placed Swift in an entirely different light.

No acoustic guitar, long locks, Ed Sheeran, or red sparkling mic this time. Instead, we saw a short haired Swift in a series of scenes that felt entirely silly and completely pop — It changed everything.

8. The 1989 Secret Sessions 

In mid-October, a couple of weeks before the release 1989 Swift invited hardcore fans to her various houses across America. She dubbed these events the 1989 Secret Sessions. It featured a whimsical night filled with homemade cookies, selfies, and a grand preview of the album. Swift claimed to have hand-picked the fans invited to her homes after cyber-stalking them for months. It took the idea of a “meet and great” to an entirely new level and had Swift looking like the kindest and most adorable creature on the planet. 

7. No It’s Becky

After trying to understand Tumblr Taylor Swift entered the streets of New York wearing a t-shirt with the phrase “no it’s becky” — a meme that had made the rounds on Tumblr after a high school photo of Swift was shared on the social networking site. The poster claimed that the girl in the photo was Becky and that she had overdosed on marijuana, further heeding a warning to all that that read it that pot is bad. Fans swarmed the comments stating that it was a photo of Taylor Swift and it soon spawned a string of online photos and quotes that carried out the phrase “no it’s becky.” Much to fans delight Swift also got the joke and finally figured out Tumblr

6. The Diet Coke Ad

During the buzz of 1989‘s release, Swift was featured in a Diet Coke ad with a ton of cats. After being dubbed a crazy cat lady in the past, this pairing made perfect sense. The commercial also featured her cat turned model and actress Olivia Benson and a new song from 1989 that fans had yet to hear. It was so cute it could make you puke. 

5. Eight Seconds of Static 

How could anyone forget that moment when Canadians ended up looking completely ridiculous in the eyes of everyone including, Taylor Swift. Days before 1989 was to release a glitch in iTunes Canada prompted a single titled “Track 3” to shoot right to number one after tons of fans immediately downloaded it. Much to their dismay “Track 3” was really just eight seconds of static. It made headlines everywhere and a day later “Blank Space” was released worldwide, sans static. 

4. Taylor Swift Vs. John Cleese

During an interview on The Graham Norton Show John Cleese did two very bad things. He made fun of Swift’s cat Olivia Benson and then proceeded to take a jab a women. Swift has recently become known as a strong feminist and as a result these quick jabs from Cleese did not bode well with the singer. News of the interview made waves online and only further pushed Swift into the spotlight as a feminist and click bait master. 

3. Big Name Supporters 

Between Lorde rising to her defense, Lena Dunham constantly praising her, and the on-going support of bff’s Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss, Swift had a very warm circle of support from her famous friends. News of these budding friendships made headlines over the course of 2014 and that is enough to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

2. The Rolling Stone Interview

The juiciest interview from Taylor Swift in 2014 came from Rolling Stone magazine. Roughly a month before the release of 1989 the magazine featured Swift as their cover story and the details inside got everyone talking. From acknowledging her romance with Harry Styles with fine detail to coming clean about the track “Bad Blood” being about a nasty feud with another artist (highly rumoured to be Katy Perry) Swift let it all out. This interview would also mark the first in-depth look at what 1989 would sound like and described her change from country darling to pop super star. 

1. TIME Magazine 

In early November TIME magazine featured a cover story showcasing an up close image of the now pop star and the headline “The Power of Taylor Swift.” The artist took to her Instagram with a shot of the magazine and claimed it was one of her favourite covers and stories that year. She ended the post with “PS WHAT IS LIFE RIGHT NOW.” — Nuff said. 

Before all of these groundbreaking moments took place, Swift spent the first half of 2014 completing The Red Tour which began in March of 2013, so really she has been working her little buns off since the beginning of 2014. To top it all off, the star made waves last week after the taping of the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show — Needless to say, her success is going to live on well past this list with only a few more short weeks to go in 2014. 

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