The 10 TV Shows That Took Over Our Lives in 2014

Whether it’s online, on netflix, or on an actual television, we’ve all been watching something. This year we mostly greeted some of our old favourites with open arms, but were also introduced to some that were deemed worthy enough for our shortened attention spans. So without further a due, here are some of the shows that took over our lives this past year (in no particular order) – *Possible Spoilers* 


The first member of the Shonda Thursday trio.

grey's anatomy gif

Currently in it’s 11th season, we’ve had to say good bye to some of our favourite characters over the years and this season was no different with the departure of the bad-ass Christina Yang; leaving her fans and Meredith stuck trying to find a new “person”. That being said, we’ve also been introduced to a couple of new constants, with that comes more storylines and more importantly more Dr. Ama. 

grey's anatomy gif

And let’s not forget the awesome score played during every episodes. I don’t know about you, but it’s something I ALWAYS notice will watching.



2/3 Shonda Thursdays

scandal gif

Scandal returned with its fourth season. Olivia Pope is back from her little island retreat with Jake, and people have moved on with their lives while she was gone. Fitz and more particularly, the first lady, are still mourning the loss of their son, which sparks more questions and answers some old ones.

olivia pope gif

Olivia is still fighting her father and we still have to endure the love triangle between her, the prez, and Jake. Oh and Portia De Rossi is now in the show.

scandal gif



3/3. The new, very intense, kid on the block. I mean, DID YOU SEE THE MID SEASON FINALE?!


The fact that we have to wait until January is killing me (pun very much intended).

how to get away with murder gif

The minute I saw the trailer the new series (and Shonda Rhimes‘ name as one of the producers), I knew we were in for a treat. The show is just as scandalous as it sounds and I know I’m not the only one looking forward to how everything is going to play out.

how to get away with murder gif



Freak. Show.


The fourth season of AHS took a way different run with this season of the show, and by different I mean including a creepy ass clown.


Ew. This is probably the weirdest season they’ve done so far, but there’s something about this show that draws people and it’s certainly working in their favour.

american horror story gif



oitnb gif

oitnb gif

A special case among the list, this Netflix series had us begging for more after its first season especially after that season finale. This time around the storyline was less of a Piper pity party and showed growth among the characters, while we learned about their backstories and how they ended up in prison.

oitnb gif



game of thrones gif

The HBO show that has definitely earned its spot as one of the top shows in 2014, and probably the past couple of years.

game of thrones gif

GoT continues to drops surprises on its viewers, I mean, if you’ve been watching since the beginning, you know exactly what I’m taking about (*cough cough* Red Wedding).

game of thrones gif



The post-apocalyptic drama that is taking the world by storm. To be honest, I didn’t think a show involving zombies would get as big as it did, but The Walking Dead has people addicted.

walking dead gif

After a mid season finale to top all mid season finales, if you’re behind, you should probably catch up on that ASAP. (I mean, ’tis the season to stay in).

walking dead gif



homeland gif

The fourth season of Homeland is set in Islamabad and Kabul, bringing the focus back onto Carrie’s job with the CIA and reminding us why we fell in love with her in the first place. Oh and that she’s good at what she does. Real good.

homeland gif



We can’t forget about the comedies.

mindy project gif
After the way last season ended, Mindy and Danny Castellano are finally together.

mindy project gif

Some may say that her voice is an acquired taste, but Mindy never disappoints with her quirky comebacks and pop culture filled references.



new girl gif

Jess and her roommates came back with a fourth season and their crazy antics. And that’s just why we love them so.

new girl gif new girl gif


The list surely goes on.

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