The 9 Most Memorable Fashion Campaigns of 2014

From hallucinatory imagery to unsettling films, here’s our roundup of the most-unforgettable fashion campaigns of 2014. 

Kenzo FW14/15 – Can’t come down

Everyone loves a good mysterious journey to an unfamiliar world. Surrealist, slightly disturbing and inspired by David Lynch, this campaign was anything, but one dimensional. 



Kate Moss x McQueen S/S 14 – Stalk me

90’s psychological thriller meets uneasy fashion film. Eyebrow-less Kate Moss stares blankly into a store and the perspective of a riffle-holding individual follows, and guess what? She doesn’t give two fucks. She actually gets undressed, and that’s when things get loud. Her chiseled cheekbones, yellow short hair and stride are perfection to a T.


Prada SS14 – Because

A black backdrop, a great choice of sound (Tennis game, film, concert), amazing models and graffiti art ensembles. Done. 


Marc By Marc Jacobs – Me, a model? I don’t think so.

35, 000 applicants, 9 lucky winners. The best part of this campaign? Anyone and everyone could submit their application. While some journalists complained that most of the cast were actually models and not ‘real people,’ the concept itself was inventive and the diversity of style, culture and background was appreciated.



Moschino FW14/15 Opposites Attract

Jeremy Scott’s outrageous designs meet classic archival portraits? Yes please. Starring some of the hottest names in the modeling industry and shot by the beloved Steven Meisel, this campaign is everything & then some!

Chanel Fw14/15 – Fight Club

From walking in this year’s most iconic runway show (Chanel supermarket), Cara Delevingne continues to work the goods (sporting goods). She also appears side by side with Binx Walton, in some incredible leather pieces including leather joggers and the prettiest Boy bag. #IDIE


Hunter FW14/15 – Is this real life?

A gang of models stalk across a hypersaturated, trippy landscape. It’s as if pop surrealist collages on tumblr came to life – water-logged catwalks, bold colors and animal accessories.


Wang SS14 – To the window to the toilet?

Does one of the most disgusting place you can find, a public bathroom, really makes woman wants to buy clothes? The answer is yes. Everything from the gritty metallic stalls at a club near you to the school girl vibes screamed yes, yes, yes!


H&M Ft. Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – All That Glitters

Musical muses Gaga and Tony B are pretty much joined at the hip nowadays. So cozying up to each other in H&M holiday campaign to promote her new album Cheek To Cheek was no surprise, however, the confetti filled room, crazy fro glittery backdrop was unexpectedly epic. 


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Written by jadeg

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