Watch 18 Amazing Actors and 9 Incredible Kisses

Kisses can be a lot of things. They can be sexy. They can sweet. They can be so awkward and tongue-y that you’ll swear to yourself that you’ll never kiss someone from Halifax ever again. Okay, that last one’s a bit personal.

This year has been the year of kissing videos. There was the viral video of strangers kissing for the first time, which included pairings of two women, two men, a man and a cougar, and lots of nervous laughter. We all felt a little betrayed when we found out this wasn’t some social experiment that managed to gather up a bunch of attractive single people who were in desperate need of a makeout session. The video was an ad for the clothing line Wren. The participants look like models because they are models. It’s interesting how that works.

If you want to watch a response to this release that’s more hilarious and uncomfortable than sexy, check out this video.

Continuing with the kissing trend, The New York Times recently revealed their project called “9 Kisses”. The NY Times has a tradition of picking their favourite actors of the year for a special themed segment. This year, photographer and director Elaine Constantine made sure the photos and videos involved a little “action”.

Reese Witherspoon (recognized for her role in Wild) and Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, voice of Smaug, the wet dreams of nerds) steal a kiss after what I can only hope is a Halloween party. Benedict is dressed as Zorro and I think Reese is supposed to be Elle Woods from space.

Rosario Dawson (Top Five, the wet dreams of everyone) and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On) have a giddy kiss after the New Year’s Eve countdown. There is confetti and lesbian joy – what else would you need?

Steve Carell (Foxcatcher, lamp-lover) and Laura Dern (Wild, The Fault in Our Stars) show the extreme anticipation and excitement over a first kiss. It’ll give you flashbacks of The 40 Year Old Virgin, but it’s still cute.

Chadwick Boseman (Get on Up) plays a singer who is tackled by a fan, Kristen Stewart (Camp X-Ray, those vampire movies), on stage. It’s exciting to see Kristen show more emotion than a paper bag. Congrats to her.

Then there’s Jason Schwartzman (Listen Up Philip, anything touched by Wes Anderson) and Patricia Arquette (Boyhood, Boardwalk Empire), who create a kiss that could rival the awkwardness of my Halifax trauma.

Check out the other videos on the NY Times website. I’m a huge fan of the kisses. Hopefully you’re having a hell of a good time kissing whoever you’re with.

Crazy Stupid Love

Scott Pilgrim


Franco Kiss




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