Blink & You’ll Miss It: GIRLS Returns with Lacklust Season 4 Premiere

Maybe people forgot, or the Golden Globes were just THAT good. Or perhaps it’s that we might all be too focused on wondering why Lena Dunham hasn’t hired a stylist yet; but the fact of the matter is NO ONE is talking about HBO’s season premiere of GIRLS. No one.

tumbleweed meme

The past 3 seasons of GIRLS have been nothing but well received, to a controversial extent, and slightly shoved in our Millennial struggling faces thanks to the interwebs. So it came as a bit of a puzzling query (I don’t want to say “shock” because my demeanor is really only slightly moved from its normal resting bitch face) that after it’s airing on Sunday the 11th, people weren’t going on about a gratuitous Dunham boob shot. In fact within the first 5 minutes of the show it’s actually an unsuspecting character we find caught with no pants on. To be honest I kind of would of preferred the gratuitous boob shot. 

The whole 26 minutes felt like Dunham and Judd Apatow (and anyone else who’s allowed to write a line, but let’s face it probs nobody) knew no one would be watching so didn’t bother trying. It was pretty much the most boring episode in the entire series. My emotions ran from:

Daria meme


kim k yawning meme

The episode gave us a quick update on all the colorful characters but overall we didn’t get a real concept of what everyone’s been up to. Regardless, since I’m such a nice person, I’ll resume the situation of all the ladies for ya:

Hannah (& Adam) : Continues to be the chicken with its head cut off that just.wont.die.

Jessa: Still crazy. Still gorgeous. Still a bitch.

Shoshanna: Miserable but slightly happier since she’s graduating. 

Marnie: Melting down as per yooj

The best part of the episode was easily the short cameo from Elijah, who has been a hilariously awesome addition to the show. But there’s definitely this subconscious feeling that perhaps GIRLS has run it’s short & stout course due to the increase in ADHD cases and people genuinely over watching mid twenty year old white girls figuring shit out amongst their trials & tribulations in New York. It’ll be interesting to see where this season goes, the trailers released did seem somewhat promising so I guess I shouldn’t rule it off as an immediate disaster. In the meantime, I’ll just focus on how fucking fierce Zosia Mamet‘s grey hair is. 

Zosia Mamet

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