Our Reaction to Target Canada Failing Summed Up in Gifs

Target is the latest retailer to go under (6ft under) in what’s becoming an increasingly tough retail environment in Canada. 133 stores across the country are set to close down, with about 17,600 employees who will be shown the exit door.

Let’s be real here, we all knew this was coming. Right? 

A lot of people were saying that the company started on the wrong foot when launching in Canada in 2013. That was literally less than two years ago. It was a real let down for all of us who had high expectations for this move.

It all began on the first day, where the retail chain was not even able to deliver the same hollywood experience people were expecting. They had empty shelves due to problems with the distribution chain and higher-than-expected prices. 

The U.S. parent company’s CEO Brian Cornell told employees in a letter on Thursday,

“Your efforts have been extraordinary, and absolutely nothing about our decision to exit diminishes your hard work and dedication,”

How sad, and embarrassing for him. Let’s be honest though, writing a semi-heartfelt letter is not as embarrassing at the hundred of thousands of people who are about to lose their jobs. I can only imagine the kind of shit these people are foreseeing for their future while at work (or at night while sleeping) ever since the news broke out:  


The company lost a bit more than $1 billion in this whole project of being in Canada… Do you know how many things we could’ve done with that $1 billion dollar that was flushed down the drain???

All of this adds on to the many other companies who are having a hard time entering an increasingly tough retail environment in Canada. A lot of people are asking why is this? Well, maybe we were promised a Target and did not get A LEGITIMATE Target in Canada. Or maybe we just don’t like Target and prefer Zellers. They done did it wrong by assuming they knew our market and possibly thought we were stupid enough to say yes on paying higher prices for goods we don’t even need. The whole point of crossing the border is to buy shit we can’t find in Canada. Don’t they know that? 

It’s like promising us an In-and-Out Burger joint in Canada, opening the doors for the first time, and missing all the magic ingredients that is in between those buns and charging us extra for the ketchup. Let’s get something straight: we’re some of the kindest people on earth, but we’re sick and tired of getting the half-ass spin-offs of the real thing. 

Also, who in this world opens 133 stores in less than a year, and that is just CRAZY to even wrap your head around. You cannot expand that much, that fast and not expect some losses, especially with other competitive retailers that already exist in this nation. This all kind of feels like an Adele Dazeem moment, doesn’t it?


or even worse: 


What’s going to happen to big retailers in Canada? I mean, at this point it’s safe to say that shit is doing down, but more has yet to come. We already have our very own meccas like Tim Hortons abandoning us and short-selling themselves to semi-degrading companies like Burger King. Is that even related to this subject? Does it have any connection with places like MexxSmart Set and Jacob who have all announced plans to close down in recent months? 

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