Slowly Unmasking Wolf Colony: Stream This Remix by Colin McClane

The mysterious, masked singer-songwriter Wolf Colony is amping up to release his debut album Unmasked on March 3rd. Wolf Colony delivers a new blend of electronic-pop, drawing influences from 80s synth-pop to indie rock, while slipping in subtle stylistic nuances inspired by various contemporary electronic artists. Rather than indulging in over-production, Wolf Colony adorns his songs with relatively bare arrangements, leaving ample room for his unique vocal presence and deeply personal lyricism. 

We got the chance to touch base with Wolf Colony to learn more about who he really is, and we got our hands on an IXclusive remix by Colin McClane to offer all of you soon-to-be fans out there. Stream the remix right here: 

Q: Who is Wolf Colony?
First of all, I would like to thank you for this post. Wolf Colony is a singer-songwriter based out of NYC.
Q: When did you start making music?
I started writing in college for fun. My friend Neal Sarin who produced my upcoming debut album Unmasked pushed me to go further and I thank him for that.
Q: Did you have any musical background before getting into this?
I have no background in music, but I have always been a huge fan. I constantly have lyrics, melodies, and songs in my head and that’s what drives me to create.
Q: What artists have had an influence on your music?
There is no direct influence – it’s more subconscious. But I am a big fan of Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, and Lady Gaga. I tend to appreciate female vocalists over male vocalists in general.
Q: What are the type of people that you imagine listen to your music? 
People who have a longing for something more, people who are not quite satisfied. I think my music evokes emotion.
Q: What is the big plan for the next year?!
The biggest thing is the upcoming release of my debut album Unmasked on March 3rd! Prior to that I will be releasing new tracks, remixes and new videos (watch “The One” above).  I think of myself as a visual artist as well so music videos are very important to me. I am also hoping to go on tour this summer.
Get to know Wolf Colony a bit more, right here: 

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