Chelsea Lankes is the Dreamy Pop Daze You Didn’t Know You Needed

At first listen to Chelsea Lankes, she is everything I expected it to be, smooth seductive vocals and perfectly poppy. Her latest tune is something you’d find me saying every Friday night when I was 23: “Down For Whatever”. It sounds like Purity Ring meets Miley Cyrus – in the best possible way.  

Lankes’ voice is the glue that holds the song together in the midst of cloudy and whimsical tunes that swell in and out of focus while the lyrics represent a young feminine anthem of youth and frivolity. That voice could sell an atheist a bible! The song conjures up images of glittery city skylines with blurry taxi rides and nights that suddenly become mornings. “Down For Whatever” is a young indie pop classic that’s easily consumable. 
Expect more good things from this Los Angeles angel. Be sure to pre-order the track when it’s out as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl on 3/2 via B3SCI Records.

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Written by KarlaJ

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