Lindsay Lohan Believes Meeting Fans Is Community Service

It seemed like Lindsay Lohan was trying to pull herself together after being in the hospital with an incurable virus that she caught while on vacation in French Polynesia. She had her lawyer hand in her completed list of 80 hours of community service, which she had to serve as punishment for her reckless driving incident in 2012.

Lindsay Lohan got credit for 18 hours for doing meet and greets with fans after her London play Speed-The-Plow. There were 5 meet and greets listed for 3 hours each. That part isn’t even the biggest stretch for a community service, since she considered people “shadowing” her to be worthy for the judge. She did a total of 70 hours for letting 5 people follow her for work experience.

Speed the plow

Let that last part sink in. Lindsay Lohan believes that people need to watch her to understand work. She had one TV role (not including entertainment news and talk shows) last year: one episode of 2 Broke Girls. One episode and she decided she was mentor material? Considering how she barely did anything last year, she could have at least found the time to help out at a soup kitchen.

Lohan’s prosecutor Terry White believes that the list is a joke: “If this was Lindsay Smith, nobody would allow this.” White has until February 18th to look over the hours. If he finds that they’ve been faked, he says he will seek jail time. I understand his demand for respect of the justice system, but I doubt it’ll follow through.


She’s not the first celebrity to try to get off community service and I bet she won’t be the last. It’s confusing, since community service hours should be considered a blessing over jail time.  Violating probation and falsifying reports makes things worse for them, but what do I know? I’m just a peasant, using my peasant-person logic. Celebrity logic sounds like a lot more fun.

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