War Paint and Gold Glitter: Stalking Gia is On Our Radar

We discovered Stalking Gia while watching her “War Paint” video, which was released last year, but still relevant today. This New York singer-songwriter embodies a bit of that Lana vibe, mixed in with that je ne sais quoi which immediately got us hooked. 

Yesterday was a special day for Stalking Gia, as she released her own rendition of Nick Jonas’ infectious track “Jealous”. Her version is an easy-listening piece, and it gives off that 90s r&b vibe that we all love. Click play, and you’ll get hooked. We got the chance to touch base with her real quick to find out more about who she is and what she’s up to. Watch her music video for “War Paint” after the jump: 

IX: Who is Stalking Gia?

A New York bred songwriter and artist. Listen to the music to find out for yourself. 😉

IX: When did you start making music?

Years and years ago. Music has always been apart of my life.

IX: Did you have any musical background before getting into this?

I did a lot of professional theater growing up. Also, the first kind of vocal training I was taught was opera. I’ve never classically picked up any instruments, but I can play piano/guitar and get by.

IX: What artists have had an influence on your music?

Amy Winehouse’s soul, Patti Smith’s words, and Gwen Stefani’s pop sensibility. That would sum up some of my main inspirations.

IX: What are the type of people that you imagine listen to your music?

I imagine a different type of listener for each song of mine, one who really needs to hear the message. Sometimes a guy sometimes a girl. Older or younger, its always different.

IX: Take us through your first music video, who came up with the concept, and what inspired you most?

I’m extremely hands on when it comes to my visuals, so I wrote up a full treatment to War Paint myself. There were originally a lot more looks, I had to narrow it down to 5. The inspirations behind each look varied… from the first scene, which was channeling Valley Of The Dolls, to the last, turning into Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. It was a fun video to film. I found gold glitter on me for days after, as you could imagine.

IX: What is the big plan for this year?

Tour. Excited to bring some of these songs to life on stage. You can also expect a lot more music coming from me this year.


Want some more? Don’t fret, you’ll get the chance to listen to her brand new single at the beginning of March. Stay tuned until then:

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