How To Survive The Crooks & Castles Sample Sale in Montreal

Sample sales are usually the best opportunity you have to cop some of the looks you seek at a discounted price. Although most of the stuff you’ll find will be off-season, you need to know how to freshen these up and match them up in order to look fresh and stay relevant.

The Crooks & Castles Sample Sale is going down on February 20th, 21st and 22nd at 109 Louvain West in Montreal. They are offering up to 80% off on items. Here are 3 important tips for you to succeed in your endeavours: 

Show up early, be there first. 

It’s crucial at any sample sale that you show up at the earlier dates. Everyone wants first dibs on the best items the brand has to offer so showing up at the last minute will only leave you disappointed. You definitely do not want to be the one to end up picking up the breadcrumbs. 

Do a bit of research before showing up

Look up the previous seasons of the brand online. Check out some of the looks and accessories and jot down the items you know you want. Chances are you’ll find them at the sample sale. You’re better off getting what you want first and then scavenge through the rest for any extra items you didn’t know you could find at the sale. 

Know what you already have

Chances are you will find items that can’t be worn alone. Keep in mind what you already own in your closet so you can find a purpose for the samples you are about to buy. Having an item you can never wear because you can’t match it with anything else you own will be a let down, and a waste. 


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