Ango Speaks Redbull Music Academy : Montreal Bass Camp Edition

The Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp will return to Montréal for its second season this February 26 – March 1. The four-day musical takeover will host 20 handpicked musicians from across the country, joined by some of the industry’s most influential and creative artists through lectures, workshops, studio sessions, and club nights. Bass Camp is a more condensed version of RBMA – instead of being 2 weeks, its 4 days. 
This year we get to rejoice due to the participation of heavy-hitters such as hometown hero Jacques Greene, founding member of Inner City and leader in the rise of Detroit techno Kevin Saunderson, Toronto-trio and frequent collaborator partners of Odd Future, Danny Brown and Ghostface BadBadNotGood, along with a rare and highly anticipated lecture and performance by West Coast hip-hop legend, DJ Quik. Montréal’s Prison Garde and Ango, also a past Red Bull Music Academy participant, will join as studio technicians.

Montréal’s Phi Centre will serve as the artists’ daily home base, where they’ll merge genres, participate in workshops and collaborate in custom studios created specifically for the program. Each evening, they’ll head out to nightly showcases (ticketed and open to the public), where famed headliners, including some of the daily lecturers, will perform with surprise special guests giving homage to Montreal’s eclectic music scene. 

Ango attended RBMA in London in 2010 and will be a studio technician at this year’s Bass Camp. We got the chance to touch base with him to learn more about his experience and what he anticipates for this year’s festivities. Read all about it right here: 

How would you describe the Redbull Music Academy Bass Camp in your own words?
I imagine RBMA Bass Camp is like a really fun cartoon submarine voyage to a deep sea metropolis with lots of colorful characters and life lessons on the way.
You participated in London for the RBMA, how was it? What did you take from that experience? 
RBMA 2010 was a huge life event and sign post in my life.  I remember everything as either before or after RBMA.  I made some great, talented friends and expanded my musical horizons and world view.  I’ve been working on trying to create that kind of creative battery in my day-to-day life ever since. 
This is the 2nd year Montreal is participating in the RBMA Bass Camp. Why do you think Montreal is an important city for this type of experience? 
Montreal is one of the most exciting places in the world.  You can’t deny the feeling you get when you’re there.  I lived there for 6 years and I miss it everyday.  I think it’s a great conductor of inspiration and perfect for what RBMA does. 

You have been handpicked to be the studio technician during this year’s Montreal RBMA Bass Camp, what are you going to bring to the table? 
I think I can help foster the feeling of what the headline RBMA event should kind of be like.  I love working with people and building stuff together and learning.  I’m going to try to adapt some of the London workshops I did for Montreal and maybe team up with Prison Garde on some new ones.  
What are your thoughts on the selection of Montreal talents for this year’s RBMA Bass Camp? 
Im excited about seeing what ALL of Canada has to offer because I don’t get a chance to witness every scene in every city.  Montreal always has cool musical weirdos though.
What kind of impact does RBMA have on the music industry and the local scene in general?
I think RBMA connects artists which is the fuel needed to build scenes and industry and all of that.  In my experience, the only way things really happen is organically, artist to artist.  It also helps good people get better and break out of the bubble of their genre and city.
What would you tell someone who’s never heard or been to an RBMA in order to entice them to check it out? 
I usually just tell them about a typical day… Travel to an exotic city with like-minded artists, eat great food, go to great shows and lectures, work in fully staffed studios, party, fall in love, make things, repeat. 
What are your expectations for this year’s RBMA Bass Camp in Montreal?
I’m going to bask in the experience all the participants are having and try to elevate it it with some surprises and help people make some cool shit!

The Red Bull Music Academy is an international workshop that was founded in 1998, and touches down in a different city each year. The 17th edition of the Red Bull Music Academy will take place in Paris in autumn 2015, bringing together 60 carefully selected producers, vocalists, beat-makers, instrumentalists and DJsMore than 1,500 musical luminaries have participated in past incarnations of the Red Bull Music Academy. 

Tickets to each nightly showcase are available at

Get to know Ango a bit better through his music:
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