The Young Professionals Released The Ultimate Catchy Video: All Of It But Me (watch)

The Young Professionals are a group formed in Tel Aviv who make extremely good catchy pop music. We were anticipating the release of the music video for their single “All Of It But Me” feat. Anna F. which is out now, watch here:  

We got the chance to talk with The Young Professionals to find out a bit more about who they are and what they like to do. Check out our #IXclusive interview right here: 

How was The Young Professionals formed? Where did you meet?

Some years ago Johnny called me [ Ivri ] introduced himself and said we should work together, I said well, send me something to listen to and we’ll see. he did and after opening the beat in on my studios computer we had our first song written in two hours… I loved it that much and we clicked musically really fast and easy, the first year we used to live in different city so a lot of the song writing process was done on line but now for our second album we are living close to each other and are able to work in the same studio most of the time.

What do you think sets you apart from any other bands or musicians out there?

we feel that growing up in  Tel Aviv/Israel which is a very culturally mixed society gives you an ear for a lot of different type of music from all over the world, from western american/uk stuff to more European sounds like French and Russian all the way to Arabic vibes from morocco,eygipt, turkey etc.  we def try to mix all those influences into our writing and producing of electro pop.  Plus TYP members are not all musicians, we are a group of artists from different disciplines [ video, design…] that work together to create stuff under the TYP title.

Do you think it is important for artists in music to pay attention to elements like Fashion, Dance and Design? 

Yea very much so, we feel like those elements are a big part of music these days.  you see music at the same time as you hear it, and the complete package should be used to create the vibe you want with your music.

What has been your biggest accomplishment to date? 

Signing with such a huge major label as Universal was a very big seal for us.  and then playing all over for the last 2 years , meeting people all over the world who’re into your music is always surprising and a lot of fun.   

Take us through the production of your music video for All Of It But Me, who came up with the concept?

When we start a new video we always sit with the director , the amazing Guy Sagy , for this one, and start bouncing ideas and concepts, we talk a lot bout the meaning of the words and what kind of atmosphere we would like to create.  Then the director creates the story board and we discuss it further till we feel we have what we need.

If you had the chance to pick any living artist, musician, designer or fashion icon to collaborate with, who would it be, and why? 

there’s so many….. working with the guys at ACNE studios on something could be amazing, they come from fashion but they do all kinds of other stuff and we love the way they use text and the stylish but fun and clever designs they do.  plus their swedish :}

What are the type of people you imagine listen to your music?

people who’re into electronic sounds , loving dance music but also like to have texts that are not TO simple and that talk bout more then just I love you and go to the club…

What’s the plan for the next year? 

we’re releasing our first single from the next album Feb 23rd and then prob keep releasing some more singles and videos till releasing the album sometimes this year,  we hope to tour a lot all over and keep working on new stuff all the time!

We will update this article with the music video when it comes out, until then, 

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