Žiga Murko Releases 47 Mind Bending Tracks in: The Purple Room

It is rare to come across releases like this one we’re about to announce. Žiga Murko is an underground artist and talented musician who takes his craft very seriously.  A trombonist, composer, producer like the world has never seen before. From the smooth and mellow rhythms of old jazz parlours to twisted and exotic electronic beats, his music was born to entrance, to pull you out of the ordinary confines of reality straight into a world of fluttering electronica birds and more. His latest release doesn’t come easy, one hour of past, present and future fables, myths, facts, legends and secrets revealed for the first time ever in what he calls: The Purple Room. Stream here: 

With the authentic crackling sound running through it all, this tape was inspired by horror film music, gloomy jazz, 90’s hiphop, screwed up soul, Miro and drums/sample processing with MPC 2000, Sp 404 & Sp 202, Yamaha MT3X/Fostex X-14 Multitrack cassette tape recorder, Panasonic FS88 VHS recorder. You can also catch some of his trombone work and sounds coming from a Roland D-50. Inspiring collaborations include Grim DOZA, NASTY (MC), wuf, Loutseau, VESA. What else do you need to convince you on this one?

ziga murko purple room

You can stream + donate to get the full 47-track release off his bandcamp, or buy the limited cassette tape and start your own little collection. 

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Written by ixstaff

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