Givenchy’s Ghetto Goth Gang: Culture Appropriation or Badass?

Fashion cannot exist without controversy. Which is why Givenchy turned heads when creative director, Ricardo Tisci, unveiled his Victorian and “Chola” themed show. The models sported mainly black gothic clothing, nothing particularly extraordinary but still absolutely gorgeous nonetheless. There were lots of rich textured fabrics like lace, velvet and baroque prints but what really caught everyone’s attention was the hair and accessories. 

Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

Hair was slicked, Latin girl gang style, with the gelled kiss curled baby hairs. Jewels were encrusted over the models’ faces to look like large septum and snake bite piercings. The pairing of the two styles added the shock value Tisci was undoubtedly aiming for.

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen hair like this, FKA Twigs popularized it but why is it suddenly not okay when Katy Perry does it? Cultural appropriation.

On the runway it’s seen as edgy and different but in reality Latina girls aren’t praised for actually dressing like that because it is their cultural identity, not just a fashion trend. They are “ghetto” while the others are “stylish”. It happens every season, something is bound to offend someone so there’s no point in getting sensitive about it. But it’s awkward to watch (mostly) white girls walk around with the style that another culture inspired.


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Written by alissafio

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