My Favourite Meal: Bulldog Coffee Dishes Out Morning Pick Me Ups

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The Bulldog coffee shop is where my day really starts. It’s where I’m woken up by the delicious aroma of delicious coffee and homemade baked goods, even if I’ve already been up for four hours, I’m not a walking or breathing Stefanie until I’ve had my daily dose of bulldog. 

Bulldog Coffee shop exterior

At 86 Gerrard St. east, the coffee shop is beside the Ryerson University campus near Church and Gerrard streets and just a short walk from Yonge and Dundas Square. 

Today when I visited Bulldog I ordered my usual, medium Americano with a shot of steamed milk and accompanied it with a chocolate walnut and coconut triangle. Mmm. 

brown bag and coffee cup

The duo came in the Bulldog signature brown bag stamped with their logo. The site of this brown bag alone gives me feelings of joy and excitement, not to mention the sweetness that rests inside.

chocolate walnut coconut triangle

Voila! The rich goodness that I have been raving about. Together these three flavours mesh together to create a taste similar to that of a nanaimo bar, or familiarly known as a”magic” bar. But the bar has a taste that is not quite like anything you’ve had before. The strong chocolate flavour is balanced by the subtle taste of walnuts and rounded out with coconut remnants. Great with an Americano. 

If the triangle doesn’t get your mouth watering I recommend their white chocolate and cranberry scone, another one of my favourites. 

crumbs on bag

Either of them will be done in moments having you wishing you had more, as I am now. 

Despite these wonderful treats the real reason why I go to Bulldog is for the coffee. The shop’s barista, Stuart, is a lovely man who might come across as a little aggressive at first, but he will grow on you until you come to love his bulldog ways. Like how he serves up all of his lattes with heart shaped latte art. 

heart latte

I don’t know much about coffee beans, or roasting, or grinding, or whatever else it is that coffee beans do. But what I do know is that I’ve tried a lot of coffee in my adolescent years, and Bulldog is by-far my favourite. If I’m on the other side of campus and within spitting distance of a Starbucks (as one usually is in Toronto), I will always walk the extra block for my bulldog.

So forget your boring, no good chain coffee shop and step into Bulldog Coffee Shop


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