Two Exhibitions You Must See at The Brooklyn Museum This Spring

The Brooklyn Museum is striking hard this spring with 2 awesome exhibitions; Kehinde Wiley‘s New Republic and Jean-Michel Basquiat‘s Unknown Notebooks.

Kehinde Wiley: February 20–May 24, 2015

A New Republic from Wiley is a breath taking visual experience. Every paintings are rich in colours and details. You would swear that the background of the paintings are fabrics. Kehinde Wiley‘s work is representing contemporary African American men and women using the convention of European portraiture. In other words, it’s like painting a black Mona Lisa with piercings and fake nails. There is an interesting contrast with the urban African American reflecting hip hop culture and the decorative backgrounds representing an earlier era. Sixty of his paintings and sculptures are displayed in the exhibition and trust us, each one of them will leave you speechless.



WK comp

(Wiley version VS Original version)

Saint Remi WK(Stained glass)

Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks: April 3–August 23, 2015

The second exhibition, Basquiat: Unknown Notebooks, features 160 pages of the artist’s notebooks. Some paintings are also featured in the exhibition. Basquiat‘s poems, sketches, wordplays, quotes and early drawings are revealed through these pages.  Its like reading a part of his chaotic mind. However, this exhibition is extremely inspiring and help people understand Basquiat a lot better. It’s a short yet heavy exhibition that will sometimes make you think and other times make you smile. The motivations behind his drawings and paintings become a lot clearer as you read the pages. The calligraphy itself was a work of art. Original, inspiring, intriguing exhibition for curious art passionate. 



basquiat crown

basquiat p

basquiat paintings

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