Deebs & Jarell Perry Release The First Track Off Their EP: Listen To “Relapse”

We’ve been on that Deebs tip since the beginning. His Songs4UByMe EP is some of the most deepest musical production you can listen to, and it’s available for free. The Toronto producer has been releasing some killer remixes as of late, gearing up for his next big release. This time, he’s decided to collab with LA-based vocalist Jarell Perry to release a full EP titled Shift. The sound of the new material has definitely evolved since his last releases, and the debut track titled “Relapse” is a perfect example of what we’re talking about.  Listen here: 

Deebs is definitely showcasing his true talent with this one, and we can’t wait to hear the rest! He manages to perfectly match and use Jarell’s pure R&B vocals to seamlessly work with his musicality. By embedding Jarell’s impressive harmonies into the progressive slow-build up, it just adds that much more emotion to the song itself. This definitely doesn’t feel like someone just layered vocals on a track and decided to call it a day: it feels like this match was made in basegod heaven and they always should’ve been a duo, since day 1.

Watch Jarell‘s video cover of Drake‘s “Own It” right here: 

D/L ‘Own It’ |…

Shift EP w/ Jarell Perry out 5/18 via Time No Place / Kompakt


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Written by nyounes

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