Woman Live Tweets Sex Ed Class And It’s Pure Gold

Sex ed was a special time where you would be forced to sit in a room with all of your peers and talk about the wonders of chlamydia. The lesson was pretty much: If you have  sex, you will get chlamydia and die. If you’re extra special like me, you got to have a sex ed lesson about pregnancy which included watching a movie about the miracle of birth in all its bloody, screeching glory.

Some of the girls screamed, while others closed their eyes and waited it out. You’d think we were stuck in the Saw franchise. And just like Saw, we certainly learned a lesson after enduring true terror: if you have sex, not only will you get chlamydia and die, but you’ll also have a baby. Those scare tactics are pretty common to prevent teens from having – and even worse, enjoying – sex. The lessons were designed to scare/shame into keeping our clothes on, while giving us some slightly helpful information in between.

I mean, I guess I should be happy that I remember what the seminal vesicle is?

Sex ed

My school’s scare tactics were nothing like the ridiculousness you’re about to see. Writer and professor of medical humanities and bioethics Alice Dreger was told by her teenage son that his sex-ed was leaning heavily on the abstinence talk. And by heavily, I mean 19-Kids-and-Counting-don’t-touch-until-you’re-married kind of lessons. Dreger decided to sit in on one of the lessons, not expecting it to be too conservative. Instead, she witnessed insane stories and bold faced lies. To get out (most of) her rage, she live tweeted the whole class. Here are some of the best tweets:


The kid has invited me to his health class on sex ed to see how bad it is, so I’m going. But hands over my mouth means I can’t live-tweet it

— Alice Dreger (@AliceDreger) April 15, 2015

To sum it up: they started the class with a guest’s sad life story which he blames completely on pre-marital sex. Then the guest said to find a girl that you should stick with, you need to pick the one that doesn’t want to have sex with you.

Continuing with the amazing advice, another guest speaker said that condoms fail all the time, so even safe sex is impossible. You will get pregnant and since  there are no solutions to unexpected pregnancies, you will have to have the baby and your life will be ruined. Apparently after class, Dreger had heard enough and ranted to the teacher for teaching teens such garbage. She swore, which is apparently too offensive for children to hear.

What’s not too offensive to hear is that marijuana, condoms, pre-marital sex and everything that is fun in the world will ruin your life.

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