American Apparel Chooses NOT to #FreeTheNipple in New Ads

Under the new direction of CEO Paula Schneider, American Apparel has vowed to step away from their long-standing reputation of racy advertisements and from the scandal of former CEO Dov Charney’s alleged involvement in numerous cases of sexual harassment. Which all makes perfect sense, except when you take into account that this has led to the decision to censor out nipples and pubic hair from photos of lingerie models, making these women who once resembled something closer to real life look a whole lot more like, well, mannequins.  

Censored Nipples

Schneider has been quoted in the New York Times saying that she wants the brand to be relevant “without being pornographic”, but that the brand is also “edgy” and all about “social commentary”. Activists have criticized this censoring measure as being unnecessary since women’s bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. Considering that the American Apparel website has a tab on ‘political activism’ which takes a firm stance on gay rights and immigration, this is nothing short of disappointing. 

Gay Rights T Shirt

Censoring photos of women wearing sheer lingerie as an attempt to move away from the company’s usual softcore porn vibes in fact only furthers the exploitation of women’s bodies. Way to go AA.

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