Inspired by Dali: 3D Printed Surrealist Jewelry

Hong Kong based jewelry designer and founder of Vulcan Jewelry Desmond Chan finds inspiration for his work everywhere around him, from modern art to the mundane. Ordinary things he stumbles across in the streets can spark imaginative designs.

Desmond Chan

With a background in 3D modelling and animation, Chan first came to designing jewelry during Christmas of 2013 while feeling unable to find a special gift for his wife. Using his 3D modeling skills he was able to design the perfect gift: a star-shaped pendant, which he was then able to 3D print in sterling silver. This was Chan’s first-ever jewelry design, he says, adding also that his wife still loves to wear her pendant to this day. How could she not? His work is stunning.

Tree in Cross

Combining his understanding of 3D printing technology, Chan endeavours to fuse art and technology in a transformative way to create wearable pieces of art. Chan tells us his goal as a designer is “to design energetic limited and specialized jewelry”. His latest work includes the acclaimed Tree in Cross collection, which was awarded the Silver A’ Design Award in the category of Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design in 2015.

Tree in Cross

The cubic cross is made to appear as if it is floating in the air with a tree inside, which Chan says for him symbolizes life and the immortal. Chan has been quoted saying he feels as if “Salvador Dali is the most versatile and prolific artist of the twentieth century”, and draws inspiration from his surrealist art pieces that feature contradiction, illusion, and floating objects as concepts. You know, “the stuff of dreams”. He really makes the old truism that ‘form follows function’, well, untrue.


How surreal. 

Be sure to check out Chan on Etsy if you would like to see more of his unique pieces.



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