Why It’s Really Hard To Hate Taylor Swift

Part of me wants to hate Taylor Swift. I want to hate her sugar-sweet image. I want to hate the fact that she is a Pinterest-monster with the goal of telling everyone just how great cats and cupcakes are. My angry bitter heart tries to fight against the charms of unicorn costumes and catchy songs, but she breaks me down. This is hard for me to admit: I kind of love her.

Damn that beautiful snowflake.


Swift has always been good to her fans. Over the weekend, Swift responded to one of her fans on Tumblr who said that Mother’s Day was not easy to face after her mother’s death. Here’s the message by the fan Kaileen/“iced coffee girl”:

Dear Taylor,
It’s me, iced coffee girl, and I could really use a hug. Today is Mother’s Day, a day most people spend with their mothers thanking them for everything they do. But, for me, I can’t spend this day with my mom because she’s in heaven. Last January, my mom passed away and a piece of my heart left with her. My mom was my best friend, the one I laughed with, the one I cried with, and the one I loved with my whole heart. For a while, I felt empty. But as you’ve done many times before, you filled that hole. You took me out of my sad place and made me happy. And because of you, I got through something that was the hardest thing in the world for me. Today’s going to be another hard day, but I know with you on my side I can get through anything. I love you. Always, Kaileen

Taylor responded with a message for her:

Kaileen- I love you so much and can’t imagine what you must be feeling today. You’ve lived through my worst fear. I’m so sorry you can’t spend today with her. It’s not fair, and there’s no reason why you should feel okay about it. No one should ever expect you to feel normal today. I admire and respect your ability to put forth such a sunny, sweet disposition when you’ve been through something so dark and tragic so recently. I never would’ve guessed by your attitude or your posts. I never would’ve known if you hadn’t told me. Sending you a huge hug today.
Gonna go get iced coffee and cheers to you. 🙂

Normally when seeing a celebrity response online, the cynical garbage-lady in the back of my brain starts ranting about PR people, but Taylor is the real-deal with her fans. Her message is especially genuine because her own mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Now I’m going to go buy an iced-coffee and try not to cry in front of a confused barista.

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