We Go Behind The Scenes With Smashing Satellites’s New Album SonicAluzion

Toronto’s Smashing Satellites is fronted by Salvatore Costa, who’s featured in the above video showcasing the range of his vocals in the studio and talking about the making of their new album SonicAluzion. This is the second episode of the docu-series they are releasing showcasing snippets of the inner-workings of putting together such an enigmatic album. Smashing Satellites recently unveiled their new single “What It’s All About,” along with announcing the official release of SonicAluzion – set to drop on June 16th. The alt/pop band had an initial release back in September 2014 titled “A-Side” and are now completing the record with the release of “B-Side.” We got an exclusive look at the behind the scenes of making this new album, which you can watch above.

The new single “What It’s All About” is now out and you can stream it right here: 

Smashing Satellites is a movement – a movement to bring people back to humanity.

“Today, people are so caught up in the hustles and stress of day to day life that I feel we are missing life’s true purpose,”

states vocalist Salvatore Costa. Smashing Satellites is truly the living, breathing story of a musician and human being striving to connect people to each other once again in the face of technology. Founded by Salvatore Costa, who possesses one of the most powerful and unique vocal timbres in music, the band hopes to spread a message of positivity and new perspectives to the digital generation

“Life’s too short to miss out on what really matters. We need to put down our phones, turn off the TVs, go outside and explore the wonderful things the world has to offer. This is what it’s all about.”

Fans can pre-order SonicAluzion digitally HERE

Official Sites:

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