WTF: This Guy Walks his Fiancee on a Leash in Public

We do all kinds of crazy things to show people we love them: move across the country so that we can be together, spend ostentatious sums of money on wedding rings, tolerate their cat even if we’re totally allergic, and lastly if they want to leash you (literally), well, you let them…

Wait, what?


Meet Nathan Riely, 30, “Xean”, 21, and their dog, Scout (who ironically has nothing to do with the story). Like many modern day couples Riely and “Xena” met online. Riely was already familiar and practicing some of the BDSM lifestyle choices including something he has recently discovered called “puppy play”. 

“Xena” was fascinated with BDSM since she was about 13, when she first tried on a dog collar. The couple started practicing the alleged “puppy play” life style when they started dating officially. 

Both Riely and “Xena” insist that there is nothing sexual about what they are doing (i.e. this is not an attempt to add some spice to their bedroom escapades); in fact Riely claimed their sex life is pretty “normal”. Whatever that means. 

The happy couple admits that it never occurred to them this unique lifestyle choice would get so much attention: their odd “puppy” and “handler” relationship became somewhat of a sensation after a video of “Xena” a went viral. Both say that they couldn’t be happier right now as this “odd” arrangement feels completely natural to them and they plan on getting married sometime in 2016. 

“Xena”s roleplaying is no laughing matter: she sleeps in a cage, and Riely, on the other hand, never felt more comfortable in a relationship. 

Riely is a truck driver and “Xena” is… well… A full time pup, and although her family is not completely down with her choice to live as Fido she assured them and some concerned netiznes that as soon as the happy couple marries they will stop the “puppy play”. 

I have to admit this is somewhat less hot than Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele…


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